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Painting of Jewish Humanitarian, Simon Bloomberg,
A portrait painting of Simon Bloomberg in his British Service uniform which he wore as a UNRRA Director, serving Displaced persons in Europe.

Simon Bloomberg (1894-1981)

Simon Bloomberg was a Jewish humanitarian best known for his historic role in resettling the Displaced Persons of Europe after World War II. He was awarded a CBE for a life of service to the British Colonial Office and was recognised by the United Nations for the vital part he played in relieving the suffering and saving lives of victims of War. The Jewish Committee for Relief Abroad also commended him for his devotion towards helping survivors of Nazi persecution to rebuild their lives.

German historians, Angelika Konigseder and Juliane Wetzel wrote about Simon in their book Waiting for Hope: Jewish Displaced Persons in Post-World War II Germany. “Bloomberg knew the official mind and could talk on equal terms with the military and civil authorities. There was soon a different atmosphere at Belsen.”

Life After Belsen by Simon Bloomberg

Simon is the author of Life After Belsen – A first-hand account of the survivors of Bergen-Belsen and other horror camps in Europe after World War II, published posthumously in 2017.

Documents relating to Simon’s time at Bergen-Belsen (Hohne) can be found at this website. Originals are housed by The Wiener Library for the study of the Holocaust and Genocide, in London.

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